What kind of name is that? It sounds like a burger. Why do you want me to marry a hippopotamus?

Different guys from different cities and states have this similar reaction when they hear my name. No, I am not a hippopotamus, neither I am skinny. I am not at all health freak. I am average and love to eat but I make sure my tummy does not peep out of my top. But any boy would mind that name, especially, when his parents want him to meet a girl named-Dollu. I do not blame these boys. It is my parents who gave this unique name when I was born. Like any other baby in this world I was chubby. But only my parents came up with this amazing name.

Now imagine my name in the card with some random guy.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of;



Some random guy

You should not laugh. I am 27 and there is no point in changing my name now. This name really never bothered me in school or college. In fact, I loved when my family would call me by that name. I felt pampered. But lately I have started feeling mortified. Especially, during any function where a voice comes piercing the crowd-Dollu…and half of the mass looks around and thinks that from somewhere this baby elephant will come out.

Other than my name what annoys me the most are my parents who want me to get married before they die. They will not die if Chinu (my brother) gets married at the age of 32, but in my case it is a condition if ASAP.

Once a girl child reaches the age of 25 the only motto of any parent is to see their girl child married. According to the Indian mentality, if you are not married, you are not settled. No matter how much famous or successful you are. If you are unmarried, you are not settled. No, even if you earn in 5 digits per month and have own house, you still are unsettled if not married. Marriage is the answer to every question.

I feel alone. Get married

I have no good friends. Get married.

I am tired of this job. Get married.

I want to travel the world. Get married and travel as a couple.

According to my family and distinct relatives my 26 year old brother who is a bachelor and earns 32 thousand per month is fully settled. I am 27 and I earn around 5o thousand a month and still I am not settled. When people meet him they ask, how is job going on. When they meet my parents their question changes, have you found any good boy for her?

Chinu, my brother really loves me, and fights with our parents to leave me alone. According to me he is the only sensible person in our house. I do not compare our salaries, in fact, when it comes to eat out, I let him pay. He is the only person I visit home for. Not that I do not love my folks. But since they have started giving me these annoying calls to meet this boy there I have started ignoring their calls.

The day I shifted to Delhi, they made sure there is some guy of our community to who I can meet after the office hours. Though I work from home or some coffee house mostly, I lie to my folks that I am at site or working late in the office. I always come up with the smart ideas to ignore the awkward meetings.

The best of being just a writer is that you do not need to worry about the office timings. I take projects on contract. My consultancy firm lines up companies for me to start working as soon the current contact is over. I love writing, and I have a dream to make my blog famous one day. But that is not in the list of my current goals for now as I am pretty busy with the professional writing. My content should make any brand famous, that’s what my clients wish. Plus, you are just given a deadline and workstation can be anything, anyplace of your choice. For example, if I feel pumped up, I visit café coffee day and start writing there. If I need fresh air I visit some garden and work from there. But best of them all is my balcony in Udaipur. Every time I visit my city, I mostly keep wandering there. It is a small terrace kind of open space. Right in front of it is another residential building of the same builder, which looks noble as ours. Between buildings there is a society park where I adore small kids and senior citizens unwinding themselves.

My friends get really jealous sometimes to see me working on my own terms. Sometimes there are projects where I visit site. Last month I visited Lotus resort in Dapoli to write about their hotel and services. It was a paid trip and I enjoyed those two like heaven. Right in front of my room was beach which looked amazing.

You know how my parents are, but I am satisfied with my current life. Though there are small and big goals lined up, but I am working to get there. And marriage is not one of my goals. It’s not even in my mind.

I enjoy living free each day. Taking pictures of food, random people in the coffee house and famous spots is my favorite activity. I visit different pet stores situated across the Delhi and play with the puppies. I cannot buy one for three reasons. One, a good breed costs you around 15 to 20 thousand-with card, second, I do not have enough space to occupy another being and third, who will look after it even if I buy one? Ok, even if I hire a person to look after it, how would it sound-I have hired a nanny for my 1 month old puppy?

Other than my crazy family and middling professional life, I have another life called Internet. There is no special person their but many casual friends with whom I chat. Many of them live in different continents. I love chatting with them and learn their culture. You might call it wastage of time but I call it a way to unwind.

Sometimes I keep chatting for more than 3 hours and I really love this part of my day.

Chinu, parents and Angie, these are the people I am surrounded with. There is not a single day when I do not talk to any of these. No matter how crazy sometimes they go but I love them.