During Rajasthani Platter food hunt my team came across this amazing lady who cannot hear properly. She has been making Rajasthani plates of leaves since 70 years, jaw dropping right? I am skeptical about the tree name whose leaves she uses, and for that reason I am not putting any guesses here. So if anyone, after reading this blog knows about it, please share in the comment section. Even I have used these plates in local events which is also known as jeeman, since I am born and brought up in Udaipur, I was aware about her. She is into this business since she started to understand it. 

“A group of women sells 4 to 5 sacks full of these leaves to me and I make plates to earn my bread and butter. Selling these plates in bulk at once make my upcoming 3 months easy. There was an adequate amount of demand of these plates a couple of decades ago but since the buffet system took over my business has decreased.”-she told to our team. 

The world is applauding a few people for discovering a way to make environment friendly disposable plates, but, in fact, our culture has already spent more than a century doing this.